Vickers Hardness Portable UCI PCE-3500

 Description :

The UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 has been designed for the non-destructive hardness measurement of metallic components. The UCI hardness tester works on the basis of the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance test procedure. This UCI procedure works as follows: a Vickers diamond at the probe is stimulated with its self-resonance. By pushing the probe, the vibration frequency is reduced depending on the hardness of the surface and on the e module of the material and of the contact surface. The hardness of the surface can be determined on the basis of the frequency shift, taking the characteristic curve of the material into consideration.

The UCI hardness tester works non-destructively. There is a microscopically slight pressure against the surface, however, this is normally not visible. Due to the low penetration depth of the Vickers diamond, this UCI hardness tester is especially suitable for edge layer hardened components such as, for example, those that emerge when nitriding or induction hardening. It is typically used for punching tools, presses, thin-walled components, cog wheels, turbine blades, camshafts or weld seams. The UCI hardness tester is also suitable for many other hardness testing applications. It has exchangeable probes with different pressure forces and can therefore cover diverse applications.

Vickers Hardness Portable UCI PCE-3500

After measuring the hardness of a component, the UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 shows different statistical values such as the MAX / MIN values and average values. Moreover, the standard deviation and further coefficients can be determined. A bar chart can be indicated. Since the UCI hardness tester is equipped with an internal memory, the measured data can be evaluated by means of a software.

- measurement in line with UCI procedure
- tests HRC, HRB, HV, HB, MPa
- measurement direction 360 °
- large colour LC display
- memory function via SD card
- different probes can be attached
- characteristic curve of material pre-calibrated
- evaluation via software possible
Specification :
Measurement range230 ... 940 HV
20 ... 70 HRC
90 ... 650 HB
370 ... 1740 MPa
Accuracy+/- 3 % HV
+/- 1,5 HRC
+/- 3 % HB
Probes50 N UCI probe (10 N UCI probe optional)
Hardness scalesHRC, HB, HV, HRB, HL, MPA
MaterialsUCI: steel (ferromagnetic)
Reference block136 ° Vickers diamond
Measurement direction360 °
Minimum material thickness1 mm (with UCI probe only)
Displaygraphical colour LCD with backlight
FunctionsSingle measurement, MIN / MAX / average value, number of measurements, mean value, standard deviation, variation coefficient, bar chart, Smart Mode (filters outliers)
MemorySD card
Operating conditions-20 ... +40 °C; 30 ... 80 % RH
Power supply6 V (3 x AA batteries)
Battery lifeapprox. 10 hours
Dimensions160 x 75 x 30 mm
Protection classIP 54
Weight300 g (without probe)

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