Alat Uji Kekerasan Vickers HV-10


Alat Uji Kekerasan Vickers HV-10


Model HV-10
Min. Measuring Unit 0.5um
Test Force 0.3Kgf (2.94N), 0.5Kgf (4.9N), 1.0Kgf (9.8N), 2.0 Kgf (19.6N), 3.0 Kgf (29.4N), 5.0 Kgf (49.0N), 10.0 Kgf (98.0)
Max. Height of Specimen 160 mm
Distance of Indenter to Outer Wall 135 mm
Hardness Measuring Range 8-2900 HV
Method of Testing Force Applied Automatic Loading, Unloading Testing Force
Test Microscope Magnification 200 X (Measuring), 100 X (Observation)
Duration Time 0-60s
Power Suplly AC 220V + 5%, 50Hz
Overall Dimension (mm) 520 x 190 x 650
Net Weight About 40 Kg

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