Grinding Polishing M-1

M-1 Metallographic Specimen Pre-grinding Machine is a kind of single disc bench type machine which is suitable for the rough grinding, and fine & half fine grinding of the specimen. The machine is equipped with water cooling system which can realize the cooling onto specimen when grinding and this will prevent the metallographic organization of sample from being damaged. This machine features convenient operation, stable and reliable performance. It is the ideal sample preparing equipment to be used in factories, researching institutes and college laboratories.

Model	M-1 Grinding Disc Diameter	200 mm Grinding Disc Rotating Speed	700 rpm Diameter Of Abrasive Paper	200mm Power Supply	Single Phase, AC 220V, 50Hz Weight	13 KG

2.Technical Parameters:

Grinding Disc Diameter200 mm
Grinding Disc Rotating Speed700 rpm
Diameter Of Abrasive Paper200mm
Power SupplySingle Phase, AC 220V, 50Hz
Weight13 KG


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