Alat Ukur Elektrostatic Fraser EX-715


Certified for use in hazardous areas, the EX-715 Static Meter has been developed to investigate industrial static electricity problems. The EX-715 measures static electricity levels from 10 V up to 200,000 V on the surface of a material or body at 100 mm distance.  With a ‘hold’ facility to freeze the reading on the display, the Meter has two automatically selected ranges:

· 0 – 20 kV in 10 V increments

· 20 – 200 kV in 100 V increments

The EX-715 shows where and how the static electricity is generated, its magnitude and its polarity.  This gives the engineer a scientific basis for analysis of the static problem, monitoring the efficiency of remedial actions and setting levels for acceptable standards. For more information on ATEX and IECEx certification.

Alat Ukur Elektrostatic Fraser EX-715


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