Alat Uji Kekerasan Rockwell HRD-150

Application :

Rockwell hardness measurement of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. Wide range of applications, suitable for rockwell hardness testing of hardening, quenching and other heat-treated material.

 Spesification : 

Model HRD-150
Measuring Range 20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70 HRC
Test Force 588.4, 980.7, 1471N, (60, 100, 150kgf)
Max. Height Of Speciment 200 mm
Max. Depth Of Speciment 135 mm
Min. Scale Value  0.5HR
Power Supply 220V AC, 50Hz
Dimensions 500x250x700mm
Weight Approx. 75Kg

Alat Uji Kekerasan Rockwell HRD-150

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