Jual Impact Tester 500 Joule

JB-B Semiautomatic Charpy Impact Testing Machine is used for measuring the metal material resistance performance under dynamic load, in order to determine the material properties under
dynamic load.

ISO148, EN10045, ASTM E23, GB/T3808-2002,GB /T229-2007.

Jual Impact Tester 500 Joule

3.Technical Specifications:





Impact Energy

300 J, 150 J

500 J, 250 J

500 J / 750 J

Control Methods

Electric Control

The Distance Between the Pendulum

750 mm

800 mm

Shaft and Impact Point

Minimum Reading Value

1 J

2 J

Impact Speed

5.2 m/s

5.4 m/s

5.9 m/s

Pre-rising Angle of The Pendulum


Specimen Bearer Span

40+0.2 mm

Round Angle of The Jaw

R 1.0~1.5 mm

Round Angle of Impact Edge

R 2.0~2.5 mm

R2.0-2.5 mm, 

(Special OrderR8±0.05 mm)

R8.0±0.05 mm

Thickness of Impact Blade

16 mm

Angle Accuracy


Pendulum Torque

M= 160.7695N.m   80.3848N.m

Impact Pendulum Configuration

150 J, 1 PC;

250 J, 1 PC;

500 J, 1 PC;

300 J, 1 PC

500 J, 1 PC

750 J, 1 PC

Standard Specimen Dimension

10 mm * 10 (7.5 or 5) mm * 55 mm

Power Supply

3phs, 380V, 50Hz


2124mm * 600mm * 1340mm



Net Weight

450 KG

580 KG

2300 KG

1 The principle machine of the testing machine has single supporting column structure, cantilever type pendulum hanging mode; the pendulum body is U-shaped.

2 The impact cutter is installed and fixed by screws and is convenient and easy to be replaced.
3 Safety guard pin is arranged on the principle machine which is also provided with safety guard net.

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