Jual Impact Charpy Tester 300 Joule

JB-300 Manual Charpy Impact Testing Machine is used for measuring the metal material resistance performance under dynamic load, in order to determine the material properties under dynamic load.
JB-300 Manual Charpy Impact Testing Machine, as one of the best impact testing equipment, is widely used in many industries and areas including petrochemical industry, metallurgy, boiler and pressure vessels, steel plates, steel pipes, wind power generation, hardware, metal, casting, pumps, valves, solar energy, war industry, fasteners, diesel engines, electric power, iron towers, railways, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, aerospace industry, physical and chemical laboratory and scientific research.

Jual Impact Charpy Tester 300 Joule

JB-300 Manual Charpy Impact Testing Machine is mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of ferrous metal materials with high toughness, especially for steel and iron and their alloy, under dynamic load.
It is designed according to national standards GB229-2007 “Metallic Material-Charpy Pendulum Impact Test Method” and standards of ISO148 and ASTM E23. It’s operated manually, simple and reliable.

3.Technical Specifications:



Reading of Dia

0~150 J (1J/Grid)

0~300 J (2J/Grid)

Impact Energy

150 J, 300 J

The Distance Between the Pendulum

800 mm

Shaft and Impact Point

Impact Speed

5.2 m/s

Pre-rising Angle of The Pendulum


Specimen Bearer Span

40+0.2 mm

Round Angle of The Jaw

R 1.0~1.5 mm

Round Angle of Impact Edge

R 2.0~2.5 mm

Thickness of Impact Blade

16 mm

Angle Accuracy


Power Supply


Standard Specimen Dimension

10 mm * 10(7.5 or 5) mm * 55 mm

Dimensions (mm)

1000 * 630 * 1520 mm

Net Weight (kg)

320 KG


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